April 4th, 2017

Irc watchdog is a Not-for-profit organisation whose service to mankind and its higher evolution is through the analysis of a vast and interesting data known as internet relay chat. As data analysts of a special sort we assume a Hegelian narrative which asserts that the evolution of the absolute in history, or god, is taking place and reaching its state of perfection on internet relay chat, where history ends in a utopian society built and nutured by the legitimate internet relay chat manifesto of Khaled Mardem Bey whose platform, mIRC, is the one true internet relay chat platform. We dedicate our lives to the analysis of internet relay chat. We analyse irc politics, irc arts, irc sciences, irc economics, and countless other social phenomena to be found on internet relay chat. It is our mission to elevate internet relay chat to a point where it will be receptive to its higher evolution and that thereby man might enjoy his total perfection and end in history and society through an irc existence of unlimited freedom and tranquility, a cornucopia of social and individual possibilities. The watchword of our campaign is U.M.E: Unlimited Manumission and Enlightenment. This reality is fast approaching and we owe it to the holy foresights and foretastes of the irc script (formerly human) known as U.T.O.P.O.S on whose wings we have travelled, who has unveied those truths that show how we may attain perfection for humanity through internet relay chat.

Irc watchdog is a property of U.T.O.P.O.S SYSTEMS.

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